Growing Your Social Media Presence With Storytelling (Interview with Kate Glaser of Hope Rises)

Season 01, Episode #03
The Unlimited Entrepreneur Podcast

When it comes to social media, positive content is key to growth, influence and impact, and the best way to do this is to use storytelling in your strategy. Today, we will be hearing from storyteller Kate Glaser, the founder of Hope Rises, a viral Instagram account that focuses on sharing good stories that inspire the good in us all. So make sure you turn your AirPods up because this is going to be an inspiring and motivational episode for those who are looking to make a beautiful impact with their content.

Episode Highlights

  • Learn about Kate’s story and how the 2017 Las Vegas tragedy inspired her to start Hope Rises.
  • What makes a story go viral, and the positive impact that it can have on your audience.
  • How you can make a story about anything, no matter what the topic, as long as you focus on the silver lining.
  • Why being vulnerable on social media can be the best strategy to make a strong impact on your followers.

Tweetable Quotes

  • If you’re a business or personal brand, get comfortable with being vulnerable on social media. That openness might touch somebody’s life and might make their day a little brighter. A story is a tool that helps the brain make sense of its environment – Ashley Falletta
  • Social media can be used for so much good. And so much bad. So shining a light on the beautiful things in life is very, very powerful thing to do for a business or personal brand- Kate Glaser of Hope Rises

About the Host 

Ashley Falletta

Instagram | Twitter | Facebook | Linkedin

Ashley Falletta is a copywriter, marketing strategist, and StoryBrand Certified Guide who has built a reputation for helping women entrepreneurs turn their passion into a message that attracts, engages and converts – using The Power of Story. Falletta has been featured on the Marketing Made Simple podcast with Dr. JJ Peterson, and the BossSquad TV Show with UK Brand Strategist Kubi Springer. Her writing can be found on media outlets such as eHow, LIVESTRONG, ScaryMommy, YourTango and AZ Living. Connect with Ashley on Instagram, Facebook and LinkedIn, or visit her website at

Our Guest

Kate Glaser

Instagram | Facebook

Kate Glaser is the Founder of Hope Rises, a storytelling brand stretching all corners of the globe. As a former television journalist with a background in nonprofit work, Kate operates Hope Rises with her team to provide social media content that is not just focused on good stories but on making good news happen. Since 2017, Hope Rises has raised more than $250,000 for individuals, families and causes in need and has a reach of 6-8 million weekly reach on Instagram, Facebook and through the Hope Rises website.


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