The Power of Story Marketing Framework

Season 01, Episode #01
The Unlimited Entrepreneur Podcast

I call this flow ‘The Power of Story.’

So many women industry leaders want to rely on their craft being the main vehicle toward high-profile success but know deep down that there is more to being a respected authority in their field than just raw talent. Ultimately, they aren’t booking the paid opportunities they deserve and don’t know why. Sound familiar?

This episode will help you move from hidden treasure to visible expert using The Power of Story Marketing Method. This is a process that follows the pillars of attraction, engagement, and conversion, which are three areas of strategy to have in place to market your brand in a way that feels natural to you and your future clients.

Episode Highlights

  • What American Idol taught me about business.
  • The definitions of “attract,” “engage,” and “convert” and how they can work together to build, grow and scale your brand.
  • The key steps to take to utilize the power of the story in your marketing.
  • The two types of storytelling in business and how to use them to book more clients.

Tweetable Quotes

  • I see tons of entrepreneurs make the mistake of going for visually aesthetic before verbally magnetic. Words hold power-Ashley Falletta
  • How to use The Power of Story to draw in your ideal client: Attract with narrative. Engage in relationship-building. Convert with words- Ashley Falletta

About the Host 

Ashley Falletta

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Ashley Falletta is a copywriter, marketing strategist, and StoryBrand Certified Guide who has built a reputation for helping women entrepreneurs turn their passion into a message that attracts, engages and converts – using The Power of Story. Falletta has been featured on the Marketing Made Simple podcast with Dr. JJ Peterson, and the BossSquad TV Show with UK Brand Strategist Kubi Springer. Her writing can be found on media outlets such as eHow, LIVESTRONG, ScaryMommy, YourTango and AZ Living. Connect with Ashley on Instagram, Facebook and LinkedIn, or visit her website at


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